Multiply your BNB with MORE BNB

MORE BNB is a staking platform that allows users to multiply their BNB through 4 different income sources. Inspired by REX, Avarice and T2X, we have perfected MORE BNB so that the platform brings maximum profitability to the user.

How to earn MORE BNB

MORE BNB offers 4 different ways to earn money

Staking of
MORE Token

Leader Bonus

Top Sponsor

Buyer Bonus


How you benefit from MORE BNB

Highly profitable staking platform

By staking MORE tokens through our staking platform, you can multiply your BNB in a short time.

Secure and audited smart contract

MORE BNB was reviewed and tested in advance by several security companies. With MORE BNB you are on the safe side!

4 different sourced of income

MORE BNB offers you not only 1, but 3 different sources of income with which you can earn cash in the form of $BNB.

MORE BNB is audited by

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been inspired by all these platforms and perfected the system. Not only is our platform designed to be much more user-friendly, but we also offer our users 4 different sources of income at once, through which they can multiply their BNB on a daily basis.
With MORE BNB you can earn money through 4 different income sources
a) Through the highly profitable Staking MORE Token
b) Through attractive bonuses from the Leader Pool
c) Through the daily Top Sponsor Pool
d) Through the Biggest Buyer Bonus Pool
The best way to understand how to make these 3 highly profitable income sources work for you is to watch this video here.
Unlike other platforms, we don't pay our leaders in our own token. We distribute affiliate bonuses directly into BNB. This way you can build a constant and predictable source of income with one of the best tokens in the crypto space.
In the lobby you can exchange your BNB for MORE tokens in the daily auction. You can then stake them and start earning cash with the beginning of the following lobby.
You can claim your dividends as soon as your stake is ready. You can stake your MORE tokens for a period of 1 to 300 days. The longer you stake, the more bonus tokens you will receive from us, which you can then stake again.
No. Once you have joined our project through another member's affiliate link, you will not be able to change it. We believe it is highly unfair when loyal users of the project show the project to other people and are not rewarded for it permanently.

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